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"I work as a waitress so it's important for me that I can feel confident about my breath."

I’ve been trying different solutions for years, even visiting medical professionals.

Litte did I know that the solution that would end up changing my life would be so simple!

Priscilla, 34, Atlanta

Drew, 31, CA

I've been using a mouthguard before against teeth grinding. I bought it through my dentist for $350, I don't have dental insurance. But it gave me bad morning breath and thick saliva. Since I'm using my new mouthguard I feel like my mouth is much cleaner. I don't have morning breath anymore and my gums feel stronger too.

"I used my previous mouthguard against teeth grinding but it gave me bad morning breath and thick saliva. This one gives me a cleaner feeling in the morning. My husband made me buy one for him too!''
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Cedric, 29, Texas

"When my dentist noticed my gums were bleeding less, I told him about BreathGuard."

He was blown away by the technology: using zinc as a way to stop bacteria from growing, while also harnessing probiotics to boost the immune system. He’s telling other patients about it!

Caroline, 23, LA

I noticed how my breath worsened whenever my mouth was dry. I started researching the internet and realized BreathGuard is different to mouthwash because it doesn't dry out the mouth! So it didn't mask the problem but actually got rid of it for good.

"Switching to BreathGuard helped me save $170 on mouthwash per year and gives me a lasting effect during the entire day!"

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