The Zinkh BreathGuard

Antibacterial ‘World Technology Award Winner’ Material. Results after 1 night, clear Improvements after 2 weeks.

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The Zinkh BreathGuard
Antibacterial ‘World Technology Award Winner’ Material. Results after 1 night, clear Improvements after 2 weeks.
$ 149.00 

What's included

Antibacterial nightguard

  • Made out of a material that stops bacterial growth – forever!
  • Create a comfortable fit in just 2 minutes.
  • Wake up with the cleanest feeling.

Probiotic supplements

  • 2-weeks supply, which is plenty to restore bacterial balance.
  • Just add to glass of water in the morning.
  • Custom blend developed by leading European universities.

Storage case

  • Because we’ve had customers say their dog ate theirs!
  • Easy to store the mouthguard on your bedside table.

5 reasons to buy today

1. You've lived with the embarassement long enough.

2. Those bad breath bacteria are really harmful for your health as well.

3. Your mouth is your immunity system's 1st line of defence.

4. With all the mask wearing, we bet it seems like the symptoms are worsening.

5. There's free shipping and a $20 discount!


I had the hardest time dealing with bad breath and dry mouth. It’s been an on going problem for over 15 years. I tried different treatments, toothpastes, mouth washes, and floss. Nothing helped!!! I went online and found Zinkh and they really helped! I’ve been wearing my mouthguard every night for over a month. No more waking up at night feeling thirsty and I have more confidence to talk to people!! Thanks to everyone on the Zinkh team who made this happen for me
I was excited when I found out about the BreathGuard cause I already tried everything and never really found a solution. Especially at work I noticed people were turning away from my bad breath. After a few nights of wearing it my mouth felt a lot ‘cleaner’ and my breath is more clear now. After two weeks my room mate told me by breath improved a lot. I can finally speak to them without worrying now. It took me a few days to really get used to wearing it, but right now I even prefer wearing it every night.
So my breath problems started a few years ago but got out of control a couple of months ago. At one point it was so bad my bad breath was always there, I had a really bad taste and had bleeding gums as well and I was wondering what was causing it even though I brushed my teeth and used mouthwash throughout the day. I felt so embarrassed and desperate, I even noticed my wife turning away from me. I tried everything so I wanted to give this mouthguard a chance. I have been wearing it for about 3 weeks now and my breath has been improving ever since, finally I have a clean feeling again when waking up, and that makes it all worth it. Thanks so much, this product is amazing!!!!
Since I started wearing the mouthguard I felt improvements in the first week, I didn’t wake up with the usual morning breath like I used to, now I feel overall improvements especially for my breath thank you so much
I have been using the BreathGuard device for approximately four weeks. I have been having issues with dry mouth and bad breath since I started menopause. Now going on 8 years. This device is definitely making a huge difference. I highly recommend this product. This is the first product I will continue using. I’m enjoying my social and love life again!! Thank you!

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