Our Story

The story of how Zinkh developed BreathGuard, the ultimate home cure for halitosis (bad breath).

The ultimate home solution, available to everyone.

After being used exclusively in dental practices, we made BreathGuard available to everyone. The ultimate home solution to restore your bacterial balance and get rid of bad breath.

February 2019

Testing and clinical trials

We tested different prototypes and learned from several clinical trials across the USA and Europe. Finally, we launched BreathGuard in summer 2019. 

December 2018

The work: an effective solution to chronic halitosis

We built a bad breath solution that would not only take oral health to the next step, but also help millions of people who suffer from chronic bad breath in an effective and affordable way. By treating the root cause, we believe we can help people get rid of their bad breath for good.

2016 - 2018

Rooted in Science

Bringing together experts in oral care, nanotechnology and microbiology, we were committed to start a revolution in oral bacteria management.This teamwork resulted in an awarded technology of antibacterial polymers.
Using this technology, we created the first mouthguard that actively helps controlling and preventing oral health problems, like bad breath and bleeding gums.

Get Rid of Bad Breath for Good

Take the next step and experience fresh breath and a healthier mouth yourself.
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