Our Fresh Breath Mission

Bad breath happens when the bacteria in your mouth grow out of control. These bacteria are harmful for your health and cause embarrassment. We’ve made it our mission to restore your bacterial balance and end the shame!

A 14-day cure

Our team of practicing dentists developed a 14-day fresh breath cleanse to restore your bacterial balance from the comfort of your own home.

Revolutionary antibacterial technology

We’ve turned cutting-edge clinical research into 2 simple, yet effective oral care products.

Antibacterial mouthguard

A nightguard made out of a revolutionary material that stops bacteria from growing in your mouth.

  • 99.99% effective on all bacteria associated with bad breath
  • technology doesn't degrade and lasts a life-time
  • boil & bite for comfortable fit
  • designed to boost natural saliva production

Probiotic Supplements

The ingredients you need to restore your bacterial balance. Because your mouth needs good bacteria to function and protect us from the bad ones.

  • contains the 4 most beneficial oral bacteria
  • mint flavored powder to mix with water
  • custom blend designed specifically for our fresh breath cleanse
  • travel sized packets
3 Simple Steps
Wear at night
While you sleep, the BreathGuard stops bacteria from growing.
Rinse in the morning
Giving your immune system the boost it needs to prevent regrowth.
Repeat for 14 days
Bacteria reduced & resistance increased? Balance restored!

Get Rid of Bad Breath for Good.

Take the next step and experience fresh breath and a healthier mouth yourself.
14-Day Trial & Money-Back Guarantee with 24/7 Customer Support
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How bad is your bad breath and what’s causing it?

By filling in this quiz, you will understand how the 3 main factors – immunity, hygiene, and lifestyle - are contributing to the bacterial overgrowth that's causing your bad breath.

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