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When bacteria grow out of control, they cause embarrassing bad breath. In just 2 weeks, we help you restore your bacterial balance and bring an end to the shame.

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Our BreathGuard kit was designed by dentists & includes everything you need to get rid of bad breath for good.
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I had the hardest time dealing with bad breath and dry mouth. It’s been an on going problem for over 15 years. I tried different treatments, toothpastes, mouth washes, and floss. Nothing helped!!! I went online and found Zinkh and they really helped! I’ve been wearing my mouthguard every night for over a month. No more waking up at night feeling thirsty and I have more confidence to talk to people!! Thanks to everyone on the Zinkh team who made this happen for me
I was excited when I found out about the BreathGuard cause I already tried everything and never really found a solution. Especially at work I noticed people were turning away from my bad breath. After a few nights of wearing it my mouth felt a lot ‘cleaner’ and my breath is more clear now. After two weeks my room mate told me by breath improved a lot. I can finally speak to them without worrying now. It took me a few days to really get used to wearing it, but right now I even prefer wearing it every night.
Since I started wearing the mouthguard I felt improvements in the first week, I didn’t wake up with the usual morning breath like I used to, now I feel overall improvements especially for my breath thank you so much
I have been using the BreathGuard device for approximately four weeks. I have been having issues with dry mouth and bad breath since I started menopause. Now going on 8 years. This device is definitely making a huge difference. I highly recommend this product. This is the first product I will continue using. I’m enjoying my social and love life again!! Thank you!
I've been using a mouthguard before against teeth grinding. But it gave me bad morning breath and made my saliva feel thick. Since I'm using my new mouthguard I feel like my mouth is much cleaner. I don't have morning breath anymore and my gums feel stronger too. My husband made me buy one for him too 😂.
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Knowledge & Science Center

Bad Breath Guide
Another name for bad breath is halitosis. Whatever you call bad breath it is a breath odor that may persist. You may notice it when you exhale (breathe out) or someone may notice it for you during a conversation.
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Food and Dietary Causes of Bad Breath
The food you eat may be one of the causes of bad breath that doesn’t go away. So even if you brush with a toothbrush twice a day, floss and rinse with mouthwash, your diet can be one the cause of bad breath.
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Diseases That Cause Bad Breath
There are many reasons for bad breath, a.k.a. halitosis including disease. Your average morning breath is a common condition that about 50% of people have. But when chronic, bad breath can also be a warning sign of more serious disease.
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